To ensure the safety of both patients and donors, these are some of the requirements Belize blood donors must meet to be eligible to donate blood.  It is really important to know these requirements because you can be rejected as a donor if all the requirements are not meet – resulting in a waste of time and resources for you and those conducting the blood drive.

  • Be in good health and feeling well
  • Age 17 to 65
  • Not having donated blood within the last three months
  • You must weigh at least 110 lbs or 50 kg
  • Eat something healthy before donating – not fasting
  • No alcohol within 48 hours of donating
  • Drink 16oz or more of water
  • No smoking with 72 hours of donating
  • No severe allergies
  • No HIV or other serious health issue
  • Had a good night sleep the night before
  • Never had dengue or had it over six months ago
  • Major surgeries (including tattoos) done over one year ago
  • For women – not on period or had it within the last week

Beyond the above requirements, there are two other things that are often reviewed at the site before donating.

  • Blood level: Above 12.5 for females and 13.5 for males
  • Blood type: Check blood type to confirm it is a needed blood type

COVID-19 Update

The coming of Coronavirus is affecting blood supplies that may run very low in April – so blood is needed now.  A system is being created specifically to deal with COVID-19 to keep everyone safe – once we receive details we will post them on the site.  Answers to some common COVID-19 related questions are below:

Q: Is it safe to donate blood while COVID-19 is spreading?

A: COVID-19 is not a blood borne pathogen therefore we wouldn’t screen units for it.  We do screen for the following: HIV, Heoatitis B & C, Malaria, Syphillis, and Chagas.