Where to Donate

Below are a few places where you can donate blood in Belize.

National Blood Bank

(National Blood Transfusion Services)
Monday – Friday
8 am – 5 pm

The National Blood Transfusion Services operates on a voluntary system and replacement system. They take all types of blood, including the AB blood type. If you need blood, a slip will be given to take to the hospital and the hospital should get the blood for you.

Regional Hospitals

Monday –  Friday
1 pm  – 3 pm
8 am – 5 pm (For blood donations)

The Western Regional Hospital operates on the replacement system. They don’t take blood type AB -/+

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Photo courtesy of breakingbelizenews.com

Blood Drives (local)

See events pages

Previous drives have been held by: Rotary Belize & Women Empowering Families